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Pierre Antoye (12 May 2017)
Ouch! What to do when you sustain an injury.
Ouch! What to do when you sustain an injury. (17 Feb 2017)
BBC News Vitamin D could stop colds and flu
BBC News Vitamin D could stop colds or Flu (17 Feb 2017)
Osteoporosis Risk Assessments, Bone Density Scans
Osteoporosis Screening at Orchard Clinic ..... (11 Apr 2016)
Osteoporosis: Men's Bone Health
Alarming new data published by ...... (6 Apr 2016)
Research Shows Benefits of Acupuncture for Arthritis
Osteoarthritis is a common condition affecting joint cartilage...... (22 May 2015)
Soft Tissue Therapy...more than 'just' Sports Massage
The Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage.......... (15 May 2015)
Is Back, Neck And Muscle Pain Hurting The UK Economy?
Almost 31 million days of work were lost ............ (20 Mar 2014)
Patient Survey Results
Thank you for taking part in our survey (7 Mar 2013)
Why We Are No Longer BUPA Registered
In April 2012, BUPA announced that they are changing... (4 Oct 2012)
96% Of Osteopaths Meet Patient Expectations
Great news from a recent UK Osteopathic Patients Expectation Study....... (31 Aug 2011)



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