Purchasing a Mattress


Buying a mattress can be an expensive business, and should be considered an investment. Having a little knowledge beforehand can make all the difference between a successful and disastrous purchase.

Keep the following in mind:-

1. Be sure the mattress isn’t too heavy for you to turn (or buy one that needs no turning).

2. Do not automatically opt for an ‘orthopaedic’ bed - they are very expensive and often a good quality non-orthopaedic mattress is just as suitable.

3. The mattress should be firm enough to support the weight of your body without sagging. Lie on it for at least twenty minutes in your usual lying position.

4. However, it should also have sufficient ‘give’ to support and cushion the body’s bony curves (such as is found with a pocket sprung mattress).

5. Consider non-allergenic bedding materials.

6. The mattress should be porous and the base needs to have air holes if it is a divan or else have a slatted base to allow for air circulation.

7. A good quality mattress with two heavy occupants will need a strong bed base.

8. If you are likely to move home often, make sure the base can be dismantled easily.

9. A standard single bed is 3ft wide but a standard double is only 4ft 6in. A large double (i.e. Queen or King size) will probably make more sense for two to sleep in.

10. Water beds are becoming more accepted but some people may find it difficult to relax on them: try one properly before you buy. They generally have internal heating facility and the better ones incorporate baffles to minimise water motion and have surrounding bumper pads to ease getting in and out.

11. There is no absolute best choice of bed. Choose what is right for you. If you are of average weight and need a supportive mattress (such as a medium pocket sprung one) but your partner is heavier and requires a firmer one it might be best to choose a bed made up of two different mattress types, zipped up in the middle.
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